3-Wick Candles (14oz Assorted)

3-Wick Candles (14oz Assorted)

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Our handcrafted, three-wick candles are 14 ounces and are set in a beautiful glass container with a hammered silver metal tone lid. Each candle is crafted with a pure white soy wax blend for optimal wax melting and pooling with a great fragrance throw for medium to large rooms. Candles provide an estimated clean burn time of 45 hours, with the scent lasting the candle's life. Only lead-free cotton wicks are used to ensure safety and a clean burn.


Cider and Spice: Notes of sweet spices, Cider, and Cinnamon 

Citrus Groves: Notes of Citrus, Marine, Bergamot, and sandalwood

Woodsy: Woody notes and tart apple 

Pine: Woodland fragrance, notes of Balsam fir 

Smooth Cocoa: Wooly fragrance with Notes of creamy cocoa 

Cherry Bloom: Notes of cherry Blossom

Winter Holiday: Notes of the evergreen tree

Vanilla & Brown Sugar: Notes of brown sugar, vanilla, cinnamon

Spruce & Cedar: Notes of the evergreen, pine, firs, spruce, and cedars

Cheerful Citrus: Notes of citrus with a woodsy base

Floral Medley: Notes of Orchid blossoms, green coconut, Kiwi blossoms, vanilla bean, pineapple, frangipani, and amber 

Lavender Meadows: Notes of French Lavender 

Fresh Spring: Notes of Lilac

Cranberry Tart: Notes of crisp and tart Cranberries

Mandarin Vanilla: Notes of sweet citrus, creamy vanilla bean, musk, maple, and sandalwood

Earl Grey: Notes of citrus, florals, woods, musk, vanilla, and tonka bean

Hot Cocoa: Notes of chocolate and cocoa 

Warm Spices: Notes of cinnamon, sandalwood, bay leaves, and cedar, 

Melons: Notes of watermelon, cantaloupe, and honeydew melon

Pink Peony: Notes of pink peony blossoms 

Champagne: Notes of citrus, floral scents, and sweet champagne 

Lemon and Rosemary: Notes of lemon and rosemary 

Airy: Notes of amber, moss, and fir tree 

Hypnotized: notes of sweet fruits, citrus, floral notes, and musk

Spiked Apple: Notes of apple, allspice, nutmeg, cinnamon, vanilla

Woodland Stream- Notes of floral, amber, and musky woods 

Cotton: Notes of citrus and florals, 

Vanilla Bean: notes of rich vanilla

Special Delivery: Floral Notes, sweet fruit, Sandalwood, and Musk 


The candle's color may vary from the image above due to the different fragrances used in the variants.